Chartering a New Pershing Rifles Company

The current Chartering Process of the National Society of Pershing Rifles is broken down into four distinct phases. Embarking on this process is no small task. It requires persistence and often requires several months of preparation, planning, fundraising, and coordination by prospective members. Click to expand and review each section below before proceeding.

Application Phase

During the Application Phase, prospective units will provide the National Headquarters with the following:

  • Unit By-Laws and Constitution
  • Written Approval from the PMS/PAS/PNS
  • Unit Table of Organization (Roster)
  • ROTC and University Contact Information
  • $150 Chartering Fee (due with application submission)

Prospective units are required to register with their Student Activities Office and/or Student Government for “Student Group on Campus” status.  Proof of such status is also required. If you are unable to meet some of these requirements due to university policies, waivers may be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Interim Phase

At this time, the prospective unit begins preparing for induction into the National Society of Pershing Rifles. Time is spent learning the history of the organization and its founder and preparing for attendance at the annual National Convention.

Focus during the Interim Phase is placed on exhibition drill, the cornerstone of the Society. Prospective units will be required to perform an exhibition drill routine at the National Convention in order to display progress in the subject matter.

Also during this time, a Pershing Rifles Contact will be assigned to the prospective unit. This individual’s responsibility is to assist the prospective unit by any means necessary during the Expansion Process. The Pershing Rifles Contact will also physically inspect the prospective unit and will receive weekly reports on the status of the unit in order to help ensure the unit is on track for induction at the National Convention.

National Convention

Attendance by members of a perspective unit at the annual National Convention is an absolute requirement in the chartering process. During the Convention (NATCON), several things will happen. First, the Commanding Officer of the Prospective Unit will address the National Legislative Body. This address is meant to focus on the reasons for the unit’s interest in the Society, and what it plans to bring to the organization upon induction. The prospective unit will then perform an exhibition drill routine before the National Legislative Body. Emphasis is focused on displaying an attempt to master exhibition drill, not mastering the art itself.

Upon induction, the prospective unit will be authorized to compete in the John J. Pershing Memorial Drill Competition and will be allowed to attend the annual Dining-In, after the Drill Competition.

Probationary Phase

Once the prospective unit has been inducted into the National Society of Pershing Rifles at the National Convention, their first year as a Pershing Rifles Unit will be spent in the Probationary Phase of the process. During this time, the unit will keep in regular contact with the Pershing Rifles Contact and the National Headquarters to ensure that the unit is conducting itself in accordance with the traditions and by-laws established by the National Society of Pershing Rifles.

It is important to note that probationary units must meet all regular compliance requirements that are required of active chartered units, including representation at the annual Fall Commander’s Call, submission of key documents including Unit Strength Reports and candidate Intake Plan, and attendance of at least 50% of members at the spring National Convention. It is at the second NATCON that a prospective company attends that the company is able to conclude the probationary phase and gain full recognition as an active Pershing Rifles company.

Getting Started

After you have reviewed the information in the sections above and the other information throughout the website, please contact [email protected] and a member of our staff will reach out to you. If you have not received a response within 3 business days, please contact us via phone at (531) 333-2525 and leave a detailed message. You may also submit Contact Us form.

What does it mean to be a Pershing Rifleman?

Commitment #3

Pershing Riflemen recognize “Mission First and People Always” and accept nothing less than a standard of perfection. Rather than waiting to be ordered, Riflemen take the initiative and accomplish what needs to be done. He or she is a special breed; an individual within the group. Preparation and persistence are key attributes that ensure a Rifleman’s “Readiness to Meet Any Situation.”

“It was The Pershing Rifles and Army ROTC at Fordham that got me interested in the Army as a possible career and I have maintained an association with many of them all these years.”

“I joined the Pershing Rifles because they seemed more confident and accomplished than the other participants in ROTC.

General John M. “Jack” Keane
Former Vice Chief of Staff, US Army
Pershing Rifles Co. D-8, Fordham University