Since its inception, the National Society of Pershing Rifles has been a student run organization – a key component of the Society’s leadership development program.  The Pershing Rifles National Headquarters is no different, and affords Pershing Riflemen an opportunity unlike any other undergraduate organization in the country.  Following the basic structure of a modern U.S. Army Division, the National Headquarters consists of a command group and a coordinating staff.

National Commander: P/R MG Zackery Day
Company: A-2 University Of Nebraska-Lincoln
Major: Finance

Deputy National Commander: P/R BG Daoyou Zhou

Company: C-8

Major: Criminal Justice

Chief of Staff: Vacant

G1 (Administration): P/R MAJ Laura Buffa
Company: G-1 Xavier University
Major: Biology

G2 (Expansion): P/R CPT Caroline E. Knight
Company: C-4 Clemson Unviersity
Major: Civil Engineering

G-3 (Operation): P/R CPT Manuel Garcia
Company: G-7 Kansas State University
Major: Biology

G-4 (Logistics): Vacant

G-5 (Public Affairs): P/R CPT Jared Polack
Company: A-2 University Of Nebraska-Lincoln
Major: Civil Engineering

G-6 (Information Technology): P/R CPT William James
Company: A-2 University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Major: Computer Science

G-8 (Finance): P/R CPT Tyler Mona
Company: A-2 University of Nebraska – Lincoln
Major: Economics