What does it mean to be a Pershing Rifleman?

Commitment #4

The Pershing Rifleman is one of the few, the proud, to have their eyes on the stars and their feet firmly planted on the ground. For over a century, members of the National Society of Pershing Rifles have been part of a long tradition of excellence in “Leadership” in all facets of industry–including military, government, technology & academics. 

Documents and Resources

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Unit Strength Report or Intake Plans
  • Blank USR Template – USRs are used to give information on the members of each company, along with some basic information. This helps the National Society keep track of dues, registration, and the number of active members across the society. These are to be submitted to the G-1 at [email protected]
  • Blank Intake Plan – Intake Plans are to help the National Headquarters see what each company’s plan is to bring in more members. These provide information on what is being taught and help to enforce the standards of the Society. These are to be submitted to the G-3 at [email protected]
Award Nomination Forms

For award submissions (individual awards, unit awards, regimental awards, rifleman of the month, rifleman of the quarter, and rifleman of the year), please use the following links:

Funds Request Form
Apply for National Staff
  • Did you know that even new members in their first semester can apply for National or Regimental staff? To learn more, please submit the general form on the Contact Us page with information about your background, what company/school you are at, and what staff section you are interested in.
  • National Headquarters Leadership Application Updated – Use this form to apply for the nomination to become National Commander.

“[James Earl] Jones was an exceptional cadet, a member of the Pershing Rifles Drill Team and the National Society of Scabbard and Blade. The same performance ability that let him excel with the Pershing Rifles led him to the Michigan’s School of Music, Theatre & Dance…after a lifetime of success, he still remembers his time in the Pershing Rifles as some of the best years of his life. 

Famous Veteran: James Earl Jones, by Blake Stilwell, Military.com