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The Unit Management System (UMS) is an administrative system designed to assist the National Society of Pershing Rifles in tracking membership status and facilitating dues payments, event registration, and the ability to track unit equipment assigned to individual members.  Re-designed in 2017, the Unit Management System is intended to serve as the Pershing Rifles' single source for tracking active and alumni membership in the National Society of Pershing Rifles and its alumni association.


The Unit Management System has two sections, a front-end site and a back-end site.  Every active and alumni member of the National Society of Pershing Rifles is eligible to join.  This is essentially their record of membership in the Pershing Rifles.  Individuals can update their profile information to include their contact information, military service record, employment status and educational background.  It also contains a record of every rank, position, and award the individual earned.


(It should be noted that an individual's Pershing Rifles' record must be updated by a Company, Regimental, or National level administrator.)


The Unit Management system also facilitates the purchase of Pershing Rifles merchandise and uniform accessories.  In order to place an order, an individual must have an active account in the system, and must be current on their membership dues.  "Inactive" accounts are restricted from purchasing Pershing Rifles merchandise through the store.


The back-end system is designed for Company, Regimental, and National level administrators.  It allows unit administrators to tracking the health of their organizations, pay unit level dues, create events, and track assigned equipment.  Specific functions built into the back-end system include:


  1. Unit Management (Create / Edit / Update Status)
  2. Member Management (Create / Edit / Update Status)
  3. Company, Regimental, National and System Level Newsletters
  4. Equipment Management (Property Book)
  5. Event Registration
  6. Store / Vendor Management
  7. Dues Payments (Company Level)


Like any system, we are constantly updating and upgrading the Unit Management System.  If you have recommended changes, you can submit them directly to the Pershing Rifles National Headquarters by emailing


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